About us
Amarna’s next-generation viral vector platform promises to transform treatment across many disease areas."


Amarna is focused on becoming a leader in developing viral vector technology that could revolutionize the treatment of a wide range of immunity-associated diseases. Its experienced management team has a clear strategy to realize the full commercial and clinical value of its SVac technology.

The key elements of this strategy are:
Demonstration of clinical proof-of-concept covering safety and efficacy
Demonstration of feasibility of a single administration
Development of a focused pipeline of novel proprietary clinical candidates using its SVac platform
Identification of key commercial and clinical partners to develop these proprietary therapeutics
Generation of further value from SVac by out-licensing it to a range of partners
Development of state-of-the-art production facilities for manufacturing SVac

In addition, Amarna plans to use an out-licensing approach to maximize the value it can generate from its PRP3 production platform. Potential licensees include companies interested in cost-effective and high-yielding therapeutic protein production technologies in mammalian cell systems.