SVac's broad utility will allow Amarna to target a multi-billion euro maket."

SVac applications

Amarna’s SVac platform is the only viral vector system that can be used widely across a broad range of different therapeutic indications.

SVac has the potential to be applied to more than 100 different diseases targeting therapeutic areas such as allergies, autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders, cancer and infectious diseases.

Possible applications of SVac in these disease areas include:
Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines
Gene replacement therapies
RNAi therapies
Tissue repair
Autologous stem cell therapies

Given the breadth of SVac’s utility, Amarna is addressing a multi-billion euro market, with a capability to treat rare and hard-to-treat diseases that have high unmet needs because of inefficient and immunogenic delivery systems.

Amarna is currently targeting SVac for hemophilia as its lead indication, but has several earlier stage programs in development.