SVac-based therapeutics could be used for the treatment of a broad range of diseases."

The Amarna advantage

SVac, Amarna’s novel proprietary SV40-based viral vector platform, provides Amarna a significant advantage in the growing fields of therapeutic vaccines and gene therapies. Advances in genomics have led to a better understanding of these diseases and of potential novel treatments based on a range of biologics. However, the efficient delivery of these biologics to the desired cell and tissues in the body has remained the major challenge in advancing such therapies.

Viral vectors are known to be by far the most efficient delivery vehicles for biologics. Because of their non-immunogenicity, SV40-based vectors are widely recognized as highly promising. However, to date, no one had the ability to produce these vectors at a clinical or commercial grade and for that reason, SV40-based vectors have yet to fulfill their therapeutic and commercial potential.

Amarna is ideally positioned to capitalize on this opportunity with its proprietary SVac viral vector platform, which could transform the development of therapeutics. Amarna also benefits from its team having extensive experience in developing virus-associated technologies.

SVac’s unique properties include:
Non-immunogenicity in humans with long-lasting therapeutic benefit
Non-integrating and thus safe
Easy and quick to produce in the large quantities needed for commercialization
Potential treatment of a wide range of diseases such as cancer, infectious and autoimmune
diseases, allergies and genetic disorders