What SVac can deliver

Viral vectors, unlike chemical or physical delivery methods, are the most efficient vehicles for delivering genetic information and therapeutic payloads into a cell.

Currently used viral vectors have been shown to be immunogenic and can only be administered to patients a single time. Consequently, these vectors cannot be used for long-term therapy.

In contrast, SVac, which is derived from SV40, a monkey polyomavirus, is well known to medical science. This is because since the 1960s it has accidentally been present in many old polio vaccine batches, which were then administered to millions of people. Extensive follow up studies (NIH) on these individuals have shown no harmful effects resulting from SV40.

SVac is a next-generation viral vector platform. Unlike many other vectors, SVac is:

Because of its unique properties SVac can be used for the treatment of a broad range of diseases including cancer, infectious and autoimmune diseases, allergies and genetic disorders.